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The final bell rang, and with that Naruto’s first day at Konoha Monster Academy was over. And despite all that had happened he didn’t regret it.

Well almost everything, he decided that one particular incident should be buried way, way, way, WAY deep down into his subconscious mind and be forgotten altogether!

Heat coloured his face at the recollection and he shook his head like a wet dog. Just as he headed out the classroom he spotted Sakura break away from the crowd. It occurred to him that he hadn’t ever really got to thank her for all she had done for him today.He called out to her but she seemed in a hurry to get somewhere.

He debated whether it would be a good idea to follow her or not. Eventually he headed in the direction she’d gone, all he wanted was just say a proper thank you and then go about his business.
He lost sight of her after a couple of twist and turns, he sighed heavily before reluctantly choosing to use his ‘super’ senses to help track her.

He listened out first, a few faint scratching noises along with some squeaking, there were probably mice in the basement. He couldn’t pinpoint her footsteps anywhere and the school was pretty much empty so he assumed she had reached her destination. He then put his sense of smell to good use. There it was the sweet scent of flowers wafting through the hall, heading towards what appeared to be the gym. It had been a separate building from the main one, but now there was an arch way that connected the two making the school appear bigger.

It puzzled him why she would come here; he got the impression that she wasn’t that into sports. Yet he thought, people have a habit of surprising you at the best of times.

He was about to enter through the doors when a gust of wind blew across his face, and with it came her scent, but it was coming from another angle. He turned following the trail around a corner heading toward the back.

What could have brought her back here?

He thought for a moment that it was none of his business, but the other half of him didn’t want to head back any time soon to that empty room of his with no one waiting.

“Make it quick OK and try not to make a mess.”

He stopped at that, it was Sakura's voice. Who was she talking to?

“Shut up.”

Naruto stiffened as he listened intently to the reply. That was a boy’s voice.
Suddenly all kinds of images invaded his mind making him blush uncontrollably. He gulped, maybe he should go home.

Just as he was about to turn a thought struck him, he knew that voice! Then without any conscious knowing he found himself edging even closer to the corner and eventually took a peek round.

He froze from what he saw.

Sakura was there.

And she wasn't alone.

He was there!

Naruto’s spine turned to ice.

She was pressed against the wall. His face was blocked by her neck. Naruto blushed deeply, not even daring to breathe. He turned to go.

That’s when the raven raised his head.

A sharp acid like smell filled the air, Naruto almost choked. He knew that scent…without a doubt.

It was Blood!

Naruto couldn’t bring himself to look away despite how much he wanted to. That’s when he became paralysed by the sight of two fang-like teeth protruding from the ravens lips. He watched in horror as he licked them thoroughly with his tongue. Naruto’s gaze then fell upon his face. He knew that he hadn’t imagined that red gaze that had appeared in his eyes from before, they were a dark crimson red. Like blood.

Those same eyes flicked in his direction.

Naruto didn’t hesitate this time; he bolted like hell on wheels. He couldn’t think about anything other than getting away, it was basic instinct. He ran out of the school not pausing at all for breath as he ran through the wood. Ignoring his aching muscles he kept on sprinting till he reached the village and eventually his front door.

Fumbling with his keys he almost broke down the door trying to get in. Once he did he slammed the door shut and locked it again. His breathing was uncontrollable and heavy. He slumped to the floor unable to even stand from the pain his legs were in.

He just sat there and all he could think about was what he had seen. He tried to think of any reasonable explanation with no luck. Then he thought back to something that happened earlier that day.


Sakura began giggling.

Naruto snapped his attention to her.

Sakura was laughing so much her mouth was open.

And…fangs were showing.

Naruto jumped up instinctively making everyone around him stop what they were doing to turn to face him.


His grew wider with each second he remembered the event.

“Naruto?” Sakura asked concern in her tone, she reached out to try and reassure him but he pulled away.

“S-Sakura what are..?”

“Naruto why are you so freaked out surely you’ve seen a vampire before?” Ino said rather casually as if it was no big deal.

Naruto froze, unable to speak.

End of flashback


Oh yeah, this day, the one that he thought couldn't possibly get any worse...just skyrocketed into the worst day of his already lowly existence. He dove head first into his bed and pulled the pillow over his head and just...screamed!

He had a whole other 4 days to get through.
The bell rang and everyone began heading back to class for the final lesson of the day.Everyone that is except for one young blonde teen still roaming the corridors even after everyone had moved on.

Naruto had been twisting and turning round each corner trying to find somewhere…just somewhere he could go - alone.

Everything had been going fine until lunchtime. So many things he had to take in and hadn’t been prepared for.  Right now he felt so lost and unsure he wanted nothing more than to be left to his own devices...the only time he ever WANTED to be alone.

Finally after just wandering aimlessly around the corridors for almost half an hour he decided it would be best to make his way back to registration class from this morning. He found it quite quickly, having memorised the way back thanks to Kiba and Sakura…

He stood in front of the door for a while before he finally willed himself into opening it and walking inside. The teacher, Kakashi, regarded him briefly before returning back to his book.
Naruto didn’t bother to make up an excuse for his lateness instead he just headed to a seat at the front. Hardly anyone was sitting there and those who were were too indulged in their own conversations to notice him. He didn’t care; he had too much on his plate to deal with right now.

Then without warning Kiba appeared in front of him, obviously not happy.

“And were the hell have you been?!” He yelled.

But Naruto didn’t even blink.  

Suddenly Ino came and shoved Kiba aside; she stood somewhat protectively between him and Naruto’s desk.

“Calm down Kiba can’t you tell he’s in a bad way?”

Naruto slowly looked up, while Kiba rubbed the back of his head in shame.

“Naruto…” He turned to find Sakura sitting beside him. She placed a hand over one of his resting on the desk.

“I can understand if you don’t want to talk to us, if it’s about what happened before well…we just assumed you knew.”

“Otherwise we would have explained it to you, honest.” Ino smiled sweetly trying to comfort him. But he still didn’t say anything.

“Which we would have done had you not have run off.” Shikamaru butted in, Ino gave him a dirty look.

“What?” He asked obliviously, Ino rolled her eyes.

“He was going to find out at some point!” Kiba remarked.

“STILL…” Sakura growled at him. Before turning back to Naruto with a gentle look “…we were worried about you Naruto.”

Naruto’s eyes grew wide and he stared up at the group of people surrounding him, each had a genuine smile on their faces. They were…worried about him. Why? They didn’t even know him that well and yet they were so kind and considerate…like…friends.

Naruto had never had any friends, all the other kids avoided him whenever he had gone out to play as a child, and those who had had been warned off by their parents. But now…

“You know man, if you ever need anything from now on you can come to me!” Kiba smiled widely while showing a thumbs up.

“Don't forget us!” Tenten piped up with a wink and peace sign. Sakura, Ino and Shika all bobbed their heads in agreement.

Naruto couldn't really believe what he was hearing.




Everyone waited.


“What is it?"

“I’m…s-sorry!” He finally managed.

Everyone stared at him.

“I’m sorry everyone!” A tear appeared in the corner of his eye.

There was silence for a minute.

“Hey…don’t worry about it dude!” Kiba giggled as he walked up and slapped the blondes back.


“Just don’t do it again ok?”

“Ok, ok I won’t!” Naruto winced rubbing his poor back.

“And if anything is bothering you, we'll help!”

“Afterall you're offically one of us now!” Ino winked.

“Really…?” Naruto was awe struck.

“Course, from now on we’re here for you man!” Kiba gestured to everyone, they were all nodding in agreement.

A smile spread across Naruto’s face. “Ok got it!”

“Friends.” Kiba held out his hand.

Naruto stared at it for a second in confusion, before he got up from his seat and walked round to take the outstretched hand.

“You bet!”

“Hey don’t forget us!” Sakura said as she placed her hand over the boys.

“That’s right!” Ino followed her example and did the same, before turning to Shikamaru who didn’t move. She pulled a face before grabbing his hand and placing it over hers.

“Sure.” He sighed heavily, but he had a smile on his face too.

“BFFL’s!” Out of nowhere Tenten suddenly slapped her hand down enthusiastically on top, causing everyone to be dragged down by the sheer force. They all somehow ended up in a heap on the floor!
They erupted in laughter soon after. Slowly getting to her feet, Sakura noticed Naruto didn’t budge. She bent down to his level, that’s when she gasped slightly when she saw the tears rolling down his whisker marked cheeks.

“N-Naruto?” She said soothingly.

He raised his head with perhaps the biggest smile in the world plastered on his face!

“I’m so happy!”

Everyone breathed a small sigh of relief before smiling along with him. Naruto wiped his wet cheeks and looked round.

Tenten, with her perky personality.

Shikamaru and his do-as-little-as-possible attitude.

Ino and her forceful but caring nature.

Kiba and his hyper, over-activeness.

And Sakura with her sweet smile and kind words.

Then Naruto for a split second flicked his eyes up to the top row hidden right at the back of the classroom, where he had sat this morning. He expected a shadowy figure to be sitting there, looking down at the scene. But no one was there.

There was also him, the creepy, all high and mighty asshole from earlier with the above it all attitude. He was definitely unlike anyone Naruto had ever known. 


Sasuke didn’t return to class, he was too preoccupied with his own problems to concentrate. One problem bugged him more than anything, in the form of a blue eyed blonde.

Suddenly he felt dizzy, he swayed on his feet a little having to lean on the wall for a bit of support. His throat felt like it was on fire. He clutched it and began panting, it felt so dry and parched, he needed…

‘Wait, why am I feeling like this?’ He asked himself.

He had already…quenched his thirst earlier today he shouldn’t be expecting to have another until the evening. Then again it was day time and it was quite hot today...maybe that was why. Then Sasuke suddenly realised there maybe another reason. Back in the bathroom, with Naruto when he’d fallen and…he shook his head violently trying to forget.

He however did recall how close the blonde had been, the vein in his neck pulsing, like the fluttering wing beats of a humming bird. The small drum beat had filled Sasuke’s ears enough to make him deaf and for a single moment he had even considered…

His skin crawled at the very idea.

He would have continued pondering over the fact but right now he needed sustenance – and quickly before he did something that even his dark tormented soul could not accept. If he even had a soul.

Old team by tricksterfox18
Old team
Oh my god! I was flicking through a couple of my old sketchbooks and found this! A really old group pic of Ryco, Yukiko and Kitsune (you can probably tell how old due to the changes I made) 
Never Trust A Fox ^-_-^ by tricksterfox18
Never Trust A Fox ^-_-^
So I decided even if it's not finished I'll post it. So here is the Kyuubi or Kurama as I pictured him in human form. I'm not good when it comes to poses so don't hate me ;P Hopefully I'll finish it...some day ;)

This is based more on Kurama's old character, a sly fox that was only out for himself and had to put up with the fact he was trapped within a young boy. Also when he could take control of Naruto and make him lose control. 
Aug 24, 2014
:icontricksterfox18:tricksterfox18 has changed their username (formerly Kitsune1391)


tricksterfox18's Profile Picture
Kit XD
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United Kingdom
Went to see How To Train Your Dragon 2 this week. In a word, INCREDIBLE...AMAZING...BEAUTIFUL...oh sorry just one word?
One thing I will say, puberty hit hard XD HICCUP IS SO COOL.
I could ramble on for ages but I'll make it brief. Even if you do not appreciate the story or think it's rubbish, the design and graphics are stunning, the detail is exquisite every single hair and scale is so beautifully done <3 makes me jealous as hell at the animators artistic talent compared to mine :~0 

Anyway it is truly amazing, and if that wasn't enough I hear they're doing another one :) that will be very interesting.

This movie has inspired me to write a fanfic which includes my favourite disney characters/movies: Brave, Rise of the Guardians, Tangled, Frozen and HTTYD2
Haven't decided yet what to call far "Frozen Tangled Brave Guardians of Berk" seems plausible, either that or "Friends of Old" which doesn't sound as good but seems more relevant to the idea of all these character as old friends. :)

I also plan to do a picture at some point :) 

Let me know what you think ;)
Chow ~XD 
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